PACT - Partnership to Assist with Cessation of Tobacco

Sacred Tobacco Is Important

  • Historically, many Aboriginal people used Sacred Tobacco in combination with other plants/herbs to treat some illnesses. Also, the growing and harvesting of tobacco was considered a sacred act.
  • The smoke from tobacco burned on sacred fires or in sacred pipes rises to the sky, carrying prayers to the spirit world.
  • Sacred Tobacco can be used as a daily offering to say prayers and give thanks for all the gifts the Creator has given.
  • Tobacco is placed onto Mother Earth in a quiet place where no one walks as acknowledgement for providing all the things that help sustain our physical beings. Offering Tobacco to water is an acknowledgement of the lifeblood that sustains us. Without water, we would cease to exist.
  • Offering Sacred Tobacco is a way of giving thanks in advance of a request. Whenever there is a request for guidance, advice, ceremonies or taking from the animal or spirit world, Sacred Tobacco is always offered first.
  • The smoke from the tobacco plant is used in ceremonies to cleanse or purify an individual, object, or place that is part of that ceremony.

In contrast, tobacco use today, including inhaling, has no connection with First Nations spirituality. Using traditional tobacco for ceremonial and medicinal reasons is part of the Aboriginal heritage - addiction, disease and illness brought on by abuse of non-traditional tobacco is a post-contact legacy.

Benefits of Quitting :

  • I'll live longer and be healthier
  • My friends and family will be healthier
  • I'll breathe easier
  • I'll have more energy
  • I'll be a good example to children, especially my own
  • No more frozen fingers while smoking outside
  • I'll save money
  • My life will be in balance
  • I'll be in balance !

West is Black - spiritual well being and balance
North is White - physical well being and balance
East is Yellow - emotional well being and balance
South is Red - mental well being and balance
Updated September 20, 2010