PACT - Partnership to Assist with Cessation of Tobacco

Sacred Tobacco

Sacred Tobacco is Important

Historically, many Aboriginal people used Sacred Tobacco in combination with other plants and herbs to treat some illnesses. Also, the growing and harvesting of tobacco was considered a sacred act. Sacred Tobacco »

The Story Of The White Buffalo Calf Woman

The Story of The White Buffalo Calf Woman is an Elder teaching story about the history of tobacco. Sacred Tobacco, when used as intended, can promote balance and good health. Misuse of western world tobacco, including inhaling was never intended. Read the Story »

The Journey Of The White Ribbon

The Journey of the White Ribbon is a personal journey of recovery. Placing a piece of white ribbon in the cigarette package or pouch of tobacco means acknowledgment of the addiction to tobacco, and the desire to return tobacco to sacred use only. White Ribbon Journey »

TAR Resources and Links

TAR kits and resources are provided to those who have attended TAR workshops and have been provided login access. TAR Resources »

Updated November 1, 2011