PACT - Partnership to Assist with Cessation of Tobacco

Make a PACT

3 Step Start

Step 1 — CONNECT

Partner with a Health Care Professional you trust. Quitting tobacco is one of the best things you can do to improve your health, but you don't have to quit alone. In fact, research shows that receiving even brief advice can greatly improve your chances of successfully quitting. Many health care professionals in the province have completed special courses in tobacco cessation and are ready and willing to offer helpful tips to get you started. Connecting with HELP to quit in your community might be easier than you think.


There are many advantages to quitting smoking, with benefits seen right away. Consider your personal reasons to quit. List them here (Top 10 Reasons to Quit), print, circle the reason that is most important to you and keep this list with your cigarettes or tobacco as a reminder of why you are considering quitting.


Lots of people have successfully quit tobacco for good and although it can be difficult, there are many tips and tricks to assist along the way. Continue to learn and explore the quitting options that will work for you.

Updated April 26, 2015