PACT - Partnership to Assist with Cessation of Tobacco

Health Care

Health care professionals can make a huge impact on the health of their patients by educating tobacco users about the effects of tobacco on their health, encouraging them to consider quitting, and either assisting them through the quit process, or referring them to a tobacco cessation specialist nearby.

PACT/ TAR live workshops and online training are designed to offer effective ideas, suggestions, and tools on how to implement varying degrees of tobacco cessation services from a brief, three to five minute intervention, to two twenty minute one-on-one sessions, to group sessions. This section is designed to provide you with options for on-line learning, as well as keep you informed about live workshops offered throughout the province.

If you have already completed a tobacco cessation course, take a moment to register with our site. With your training and login information, you will have complete access to our library of patient handouts and health care professional resources. Our favorite documents have been included in the Favorites Section for quick reference and the Library contains numerous documents so you can pick and choose the ones you like and that work for your practice site.

Online Training

This website provides health care professionals with unlimited access to several on-line training sessions as well.


Browse through the PACT resources library. All documents and forms can be downloaded using your registration (email address) and login.

Treatment Pathways

The following PACT treatment pathways, or care pathways, were designed to help guide health care professionals through a more organized and efficient patient care cessation experience, to reduce variability in clinical practice in cessation, and improve outcomes when assisting tobacco-users to quit tobacco in acute care settings and in the community. Your feedback and comments are most welcome. Additional care pathways are in development.

Saskatchewan Pharmacists
To become PACT certified, pharmacists must successfully complete all four PACT Level I modules and quiz, located in the Online Training. PACT Certificates may be printed off at the end of a successful quiz, and Learning Project Record forms can be found in the Library. The PACT for Pharmacists Specialty (provides information about billing and additional support about incorporating PACT services into community pharmacy practice), Motivational Interviewing and PACT 2 educational modules are highly recommended. Pharmacists may contact Myla Wollbaum at the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan office at 306-359-7277 if they require additional support. For information on the PACT website or account information please email 

Manitoba Pharmacists
For more information on obtaining your authorization to prescribe a drug included in Schedule 3 to the Pharmaceutical Regulation for Smoking Cessation, please see the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba website at

Updated October 23, 2017