PACT - Partnership to Assist with Cessation of Tobacco

Frequently Asked Questions

The Website

Is this website for people who want to quit smoking, or for health care professionals who want to help someone quit smoking?

Both actually – the Help to Quit section provides some helpful tips and information to those who are thinking of quitting tobacco for good, and the Health Care section provides the training and tools health care professionals will need to assist their patients’ to quit tobacco for good.

I want to quit smoking.  How do I find someone in my community that can help me?

In the Help to Quit section there is something called the PACT Locator. Simply click on the town or city where you live, or that is nearest to you and a list of PACT professionals, and their contact information will pop up. You can fill out the referral form by clicking on the referral button beside the PACT professional's name, or you can phone or email them to set up a time to meet and discuss your quit plan. It is free of charge, and you are more likely to succeed to quit when you partner with a PACT professional.

Online Training

I am a health care professional.  Where do I find the training modules, and how do I access them?

The training modules are located in the Health Care section. Access is provided once you have registered.  Funding for the online training is provided by Saskatchewan Health and therefore the training is free of charge. Start with the PACT Level I which consists of four modules and a quiz.  A mark of 80% or higher is required to pass the course. Once you have passed you may print out your certificate and you will then be provided access to all of the specialty modules and resources on the site. You are now part of the PACT Network.

How long does it take to go through the PACT Level I Modules?

For most, the modules take approximately four hours.  You may log in and log out as often as you like.  New information is added as it becomes available and so feel free to re-visit the modules if you require a refresher.

Are there any CEUs provided for the Online Training?

Pharmacists taking the PACT Level I course are provided 4.5 CEUs. The Learning Portfolio Document is located in the Library (direct download link), or contact us to receive a copy.

What happens if I don’t pass the quiz on the first try?

That’s okay.  You have three chances to pass the quiz.  If by chance you don’t pass after three attempts please contact us to request a reset on your profile. Exams questions are changed on a regular basis, so the answers your colleague used may be different than the answers you will use. As a result, some exams are a bit more challenging than others. Keep trying and don’t give up.

I forgot to print out my certificate. Now what?

It happens. If you forget to print out your certificate, or for some reason are not able to do so, please contact us to obtain a copy.

I am not a health care professional but would like to know a bit more about helping someone quit smoking? Is there a module for me?

You bet there is. It is called PACT Express, and it too can be found in the Health Care section. You will still need to log in with your email and a password to gain access to the module, but it is a lot shorter than the PACT Level I Modules, there is less medical jargon, and there is no quiz at the end.

What specialty modules are on the site?

The PACT website has lots of great specialty modules such as Cessation in Oncology, Youth, Mental Health Patients and Implementing PACT in a Community Pharmacy. All of the specialty modules and corresponding resources are accessible to those who successfully complete the PACT Level I Modules including the quiz. Simply go to Online Training to access the modules.

I have completed the PACT Level I Modules and passed the quiz. How do I list myself on the PACT Locator?  How do I activate the referral button?

If you wish to be listed on the PACT Locator, ensure that "List me on the PACT Locator" is checked in your Profile. To be listed as a referral, fill in a contact email or fax number below the "List me" checkbox.